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Umesh Bist


A Journey.

Sometimes sculpted, sometimes not.

Always satisfying.



A graduate of the AJK Mass Communication Research Centre at the Jamia Millia Islamia University in India, Umesh Bist co-founded Rosetta Stone Media Private Limited, a television software company in 1992, and has since produced and directed many short films, documentaries and television serials.

Over the last twenty years, Umesh has conceived and executed many fiction and non-fiction shows for television.

Umesh is the Creative/Series Director of Kyunki Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai - a currently running television series produced by UNICEF-Miditech and telecast on Doordarshan, India’s oldest television network. He is also the Creative Director of Galli Galli Sim Sim – a television show for children for Sesame Street/Turner-Miditech which is telecast on the Cartoon Network and the Pogo Channel.

Umesh has  directed many short films and documentaries receiving kudos for them from around the world. Bangle Box, starring Nandita Das and Uttara Baokar was India’s entry in International Film Festival while Hotel was screened in the Star bestsellers on Star TV. Seva, a film about chikan workers of Lucknow was selected by the UNESCO for screening on International women's day at Paris, France and Aye Mohabbat, a film on legendary ghazal singer Begum Akhtar premiered at the Nehru Centre in London in 2002.

Umesh rounds off his creative and directorial talent with experience in lifestyle, news and current affairs programming. He has designed and executed shows like 30 Minutes, Healing and Beyond, Going On, In This Our Land and Arts Plus.

Healing and Beyond was India’s first medical investigative serial and Going On, a unique docu-drama about physically challenged people enjoyed high TRP ratings in the English programming segment.

Umesh also directed Partners in Progress - a film on Indo ASEAN economic cooperation for India’s Ministry of External Affairs - which was screened at the ASEAN Summit in Laos 2005 when it was inaugurated by the Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

In search of Steam, Room without a View, Divine Wilderness and Katha are a few other short films and documentaries that have been screened at various film festivals of repute.





CHILDREN OF DARKNESS, 1989: Directed this film on Child Labour for the UNICEF which was shot in the streets and slums of Calcutta with street children. A month long film workshop was conducted with the children who later participated in the film as cast and the crew.


WOH LOG, 1987: Scripted and directed this short feature film based on a lower middle class family in India. The story revolves around the father whose acceptance and denial of changing values forces him to bear the agonies of a dialectical society.




KYUNKI JEENA ISSE KA NAAM HAI: Series and Creative director for this television serial, which is being produced by UNICEF and Miditech. The show is currently on air.


GALLI GALLI SIM SIM: Creative Director of Galli Galli Sim Sim- Indian Chapter Of Sesame Street for Miditech. The series is on air on Pogo and Cartoon Network - 2005 and ongoing, now in Season 5


ARTS PLUS: A weekly television Arts Magazine for Star Plus.


PAAS HO TUM DOOR BHI: A television serial about the families, whose children migrate to foreign lands, in search of better prospects. The series was shot in India and England and broadcast on Sony UK and other overseas territories.


HOTEL: A murder mystery film revolving around a newlywed girl.


AKRITI: A serial on women empowerment, literacy and social justice. Telecast on Doordarshan -1


SAMBANDH: A Bengali telefilm focusing on the issue of loneliness in old age Broadcast on Tara Bangla


SAAT MOHAALA: A ghost story in Bengali for Tara Bangla. Broadcast on Star-Tara Bangla


GUEST HOUSE:  A story of love, crime and passion. Broadcast on Star-Tara Bangla


AASAMAN AUR BHI HAI: Contemporary stories focusing on women issues. Telecast on DD1


TANHAI: Tanhai told an unusual tale of a girl who sets out to achieve her goals in spite of all the odds. The serial was telecast on the Metro Channel Doordarshan.


MANZILIEN: Manzilien, based on the true experiences of a young IAS officer, was a very popular television serial, telecast on prime time on Doordarshan.


30 MINUTES: Current affair series, telecast on Doordarshan.


HEALING & BEYOND: Produced and directed this investigative documentary series about the state of Health in India. Telecast on Doordarshan -3


GOING ON: Directed this docu-drama series on physically challenged people. The series used real people instead of actors. It had the highest TRP ratings in nonfiction category.


IN THIS OUR LAND: Directed this unique travel show for Doordarhan, covering various social and cultural aspects of our country.


IN SEARCH OF STEAM (3 part series): Today steam engines are being phased out. This three part series captures the memories of the fading golden era. Telecast on the Indian National Network


SABRANG: Directed and presented this magazine format serial on adult education.


MOODS OF THE MORNING: This serial does not use any narration for nothing else is required except the visual beauty and the music to portray the moods of the morning.


SAREY JAHAAN SE ACHHA: Produced and directed this unique travel show for Department of Adult Education.




AGAAS: The story of a woman in search of herself.


SARDAR POST: A telefilm on Indo Pak war at the Sardar Post.


AYE MOHABAT!: A film on legendary gazal singer Begum Akhtar. The film was screened at Nehru centre London.


MUKTI: Based on the award winning story ‘The weight’, Mukti was shot on locations in Uttaranchal and depicted the vicious circle of exploitation where women becomes the best friend and the worst enemy of another women.


ADHIKAR: Shot at Bhatti Mines, Delhi, ‘Adhikar’ is the story of the fight of mines workers against an exploitative system.


GAURI TAL: Ganeshi fights against the whole village to save the dying lake. An environmental film set in Kumaoun hills.


SAMBANDH: Sambandh is the lonely tale of an old women, who after being deserted by her own family discovers a new purpose in her life in bringing up, a young orphan boy.


DHAK KI RAJKUMARI: Based on a true story ,the film sketches the story of a young girl and her fight against the powerful mine owners.


BANGLE BOX: A film based in Rajasthan about a woman’s fight for her rights.


OF MELODIES DIVINE: A film on Langa folk singers of Rajasthan.


ROOH PUNJAB DI: A film on folk singers of Punjab for Ministry of External affairs.


ROOM WITHOUT A VIEW: A true story of two hemophiliac brothers affected by AIDS .
















FREEZE FRAME: For the first time on television, thirty minutes devoted to those leading men , who bring to us the best of still photography in India.


BEADS OF BONDAGE: In the Yellama temple of Saundatti, Karnataka the practice of dedicating young girls to the goddess continues. The programme exposes this old tradition which today gives religious sanction to the evils of prostitution.


TROUBLED PARADISE: Panning across the blue sea and clear white beaches the camera focuses on the problems caused by the tourist influx in Goa .


RIVER IN TURBULENCE: Thousands will be uprooted once the Narmada dam is complete . While discussing the cost and benefit ratio , the film highlights the fear and apprehensions of the residents of the submerging areas.


ROAD TO NOWHERE: Shot in the dense jungles and treacherous terrain of Kerala , the programme gives an inside story of drug running in the country.


SHATTERED LIVES: Story of the Chakmas - a sensitive rendering of the plight of the Chakma refugees. The programme deals with their traumatic exodus from Bangladesh, the brutality and horror of their experiences.


FAIR PLAY: A film on professional entrance examinations in India.


IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BUDDHA: A film on Buddhism for Ministry of External Affairs GOI. Besides India the film was shot in Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.


SHIFTING SANDS: The film set in Rajasthan, dicusses TIME as the final destroyer and the supreme creator. A saga of destruction and renovation of forts and palaces.


THE DIVINE WILDERNESS: Screened over more than ten times on ZEE TV ,the film is a lyrical tribute to the beauty of the Gharwal hills.


ECHOES FROM THE PAST: A film about the sand, ruins and tales of Jhalawar.


SCALING NEW HEIGHTS: This film traces the journey of three women Everesters, one of them being Santosh Yadav, the only women in the world to have climbed the Everest twice.


BHOPAL AFTER SIX YEARS: An update on Bhopal gas victims.


IN THE SHADOW OF THE BUFFALO: A film on the Toda tribal of Nilgiri hills .


DOOSRI ALKA: Portrayal of a young girl who had the courage and the determination to fight the evil of dowry at the cost of her own future.


DRUG MENACE: A film on drug running and the growing number of addicts in our country .


COST OF THIRST: Afilm about the plight and resettlement of the evacuees of Narmada and Sardar Sarovar dams.


SPITI - THE FORBIDDEN VALLEY: A documentary on the traditional life-style of the rugged people of Spiti, hidden behind magic , mystery and the mountains .


THE ADMINISTRATOR: A documentary on the history and achievements of the Indian Administrative Services .


AIDS KILLS - LOVE CAREFULLY: While informing about the scourge of the century , the programme brought the heated debate between lawyers , doctors , social workers and young students on Dr. Paintal's proposed legislation to ban sex with foreigners .


BHOPAL - THE CONTINUING STORY: The programme brings out the trauma and plight of thousands of gas victims , three years after the tragedy . It's a story of their wait and fight for survival .


SPIRITUAL LIFE OF DELHI: A film for ministry of tourism GOI, covering various spiritual aspects of Delhi.


JAL JIVAN: A film on the water resource management.


FESTIVALS OF INDIA: A film for Ministry of Tourism GOI on different festivals of India

KATHA: A film on Katha an NGO working for the empowerment of women in New Delhi.


KOTAS- THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE: A film on Kota tribals of Nilgiris.


BANARAS GHARANA: A film on the Banaras Gharana of Hindustani Classical music. Shot on the banks od river Ganges the film features prominent artists like Ustad Bismillah Khan, Pandit Krishan Maharaj, Sitara Devi, Pandit Channu Lal Misra and others.


CHALO SCHOOL: A film produced by Aga Khan Foundation.


BEYOND REFLECTION: A film on the journey of Tista Das- a woman trapped in a man's body. Produced by  PSBT.





TOBA TEK SINGH- A LYRICAL PLAY: Based on Sadat Hasan manto’s story ‘Toba tek singh’, I wrote a stage play in verse for my theatre group ‘Theatre Union’


MARZ KA MUNAFA: A play about the banned drugs being pushed into third world countries by the Multi-national drug companies.


MUKTI-The Deliverance: A film based on the age old ritual of euthanasia, still practiced in the remote villages of Uttranchal.


PEHACHAN: A film about the rangdari system forced on the mine workers in Bihar.


INTEJAR EK SAHAR KA: A telefilm about the destitute children who take to drugs and crime.


APNE PARAYE: A film about the fight of the local people against the land mafia in Uttaranchal.


GAWAAH- The Witness: Feature film based on the effects of domestic violence on children.


PAINTER AND THE PROSTITUTE: Currently working on the final draft of this feature film.



Umesh Bist

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umesh bist

umesh bist

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